- It is not possible to maintain the Rule of Law when those responsible for enforcing the laws is threatened. Threats and worse, the killings of colleagues in the exercise of their profession should be investigated and processed with priority by the State itself, in defense of the democratic system that seeks to maintain.

- Request the Colombian Government to ensure effective protection to all lawyers, to allow them to continue their legitimate and peaceful activities in defense of human rights activities without fear of intimidation, harassment, retaliation and the loss of his own life and to use all legal means at its disposal to end this scourge completely, honor their commitments to the Convention on Human Rights called to respect and protect the right to life.

The BPI-ICB supports any manifestation of law or of any association to be carried out in any country where any act of protection of the work carried out by professionals in law rests.


And we joins the rejection and condemnation of the murder of lawyers in Colombia manifested by various international organizations such as the American Bar Association (FIA), an organization with over seventy years of existence, based in Washington (USA), which integrates the national bar associations, federations Association, Bar Associations and lawyers of the Americas, Spain and France, recognized as Non Governmental Organization before the Organization of American States (OAS). As these killings have been publicly condemned by various agencies around the world, including the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and various schools of Spanish Lawyers.