Dear Friends

I look forward to the celebration of the International Day of Criminal Justice so that you can prepare and enjoy such a momentous occasion. 

We, the members of CAPI, are united in believing in the kindness of being propelled by our devotion to Human Rights and our task of strengthening and defending them. 

We would very much like that the criminal law that unites us had a universal and not only international application. This has not been possible, as you know, due to some countries, lacking respect for the institution, maintenance and protection of those rights failed to ratify the 1998 Rome Statute. These countries precisely are in our thoughts and most fervent wishes that someday they may join us in the activities we have no doubt constitute the most solid patrimony of humanity. 

It would be a good object of debate between us to wake up in those States that seem to ignore what Human Rights are. 

This message and the project within it should be carried out by those citizens conscious of the magnitude and primordial interest that for all men and women of good will spread within their countries, where Human Rights are ignored or simply not known and from there, impulsed may finally react and join the permanent battle whose aim is the institution, maintenance and active practice of such a body of law. 

Lets not feel that time spent in this endeavour is wasted and accept to verbalise our vocation. Common effort, if enthusiastic and with illusion, will always meet the set aims. 

We celebrate the International Day of Criminal Justice as one of the most important dates of our lives. 



PS Spread amongst your friends, neighbours and defenders if Human Rights the symbol I carry in my hands.