What is your assessment of the ICTR?

Economic investment in human and material resources is enormous compared to balance prosecuted and convicted. Furthermore, all, all, are people of Hutu regime of President Habyarimana. There is not one of the RPF, the Tutsi party and now the government or any other ethnicity. All are Hutus, the previous regime, the losers of the war.

And responding to this bias?

In a political and legal strategy of the Security Council of the UN. Unlike the Tribunal for the former Iuguslàvia, the status of Rwanda set to be judged only crimes committed during a period in 1994. This is serious and affects the failure to justice, reconciliation and truth. The beginning of the systematic killings is set just a year later but neither begin in April 1994 and end with the seizure of power by force Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Army.

History is written by the winner?

The UN has sought to judge and condemn the losers [Hutu] and political stability, he has looked the other way in the crimes of the winners, who had started the civil war in 1990. Before, during and after the genocide continued to kill, even when they seized power.

Tutsis have been documented crimes?

Robert Gersony documented more than 300,000 people killed by the Tutsi Patriotic Army from April to August 1994, in a confidential document that the UN has not recognized.

One of the accused for the killing of Tutsi victims is Spanish.

Yes, in 2008 the High Court ordered a halt Karenzi Karake, head of Rwandan intelligence, but it was not until last summer that he was arrested in London. In the middle of August, the British justice, but freed on bail of 1.4 million. The defending Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair.

Little justice has been done?

The sentences bring the knowledge of a partial truth of what happened in 1994. Therefore, it is a partial justice. Twes and Hutus have not been recognized as victims and a part of the Tutsis do not feel repaired. Many of the witnesses are protected Tutsis, the core close to the current president Kagame, who saw stunned as he and his were obsessed by power and not worry about the victims.

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