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Dear members of BPI-ICB CAPI, 


Here you find the report of the Registry on the Experts Conference held last 23-34 March in The Hague.


The co-Presidents Mr. Lèvy recommended reading.

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Dear members of BPI-ICB CAPI, 

Here you find the report of the Registry on the Experts Conference held last 23-34 March in The Hague.

The co-Presidents Mr. Lèvy recommended reading.


I. Introduction

The Expert Conference on the Proposed Victims and Defence Offices at the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”), held on 23 and 24 March 2015 in The Hague, brought together key external stakeholders as well as relevant actors within the Court to discuss the rationalising and streamlining of the existing Registry structures that provide support to victims, their representatives and Chambers, as well as to suspects and accused and their defence counsel. The discussions took place within the wider context of increasing effectiveness and efficiency, eliminating duplication, as well as creating synergies within the Registry’s organisational structure and operations as authorised by the Assembly of States Parties (“ASP”).
As some of the current structural elements supporting the victims and defence functions are defined in the Regulations of the Court, the implementation of the proposals are subject to amendments by the judges. The Registrar embarked on an extensive consultation process with counsel and other experts, civil society representatives as well as States Parties to receive their input and openly discuss all relevant aspects of an effective organisation of defence and victims participation at the ICC. The Expert Conference was the logical next step in this consultative process. The two-day event was attended by approximately 70 participants, including legal practitioners with experience representing accused persons and/or victims before international tribunals and in domestic settings, representatives of civil society organisations focused on issues pertaining to international criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights as well as representatives from international bar associations. Representatives from other international tribunals and from the relevant sections and independent offices from the ICC were also invited to take part.
The Expert Conference was divided between topics dedicated to both victims and defence issues, and came together in plenary to discuss the proposed establishment of an independent association of counsel. This report is intended to reflect the discussions concerning these three areas, highlighting those issues where consensus emerged amongst participants while recalling arguments made in relation to more controversial topics.

Our member, the lawyer Blas Jesús Imbroda was re-elected as Dean of the Bar Association of Melilla, we congratulate also to ICAME, by parity shown, to achieve an executive consisting of 4 men and 4 women.

In the Bar Association of Melilla (Icame) the 28th on April held elections to choose a new dean and vice dean. The practicing and non-practicing lawyers of Melilla, actively participated in this competition and more than two thirds again place their trust to lead the Icame in Jesus Blas Imbroda. Your attorney will be number two Maria Leticia Sanchez Torreblanca, who as associate dean is the new face on the Governing Board now consists of four women and four men.

The turnout was 68.85%. Note that one of the peculiarities is that the votes of non-practicing lawyers tell half, a full vote every two non-practicing lawyers.

Imbroda obtain a total of 120 votes of 140 lawyers who supported him, implying an endorsement of the 66.67% of the members.

The dean reelected, Blas Jesus Imbroda, he said that from now on, "begins the new life of Icame in its new headquarters, which will bring the contents of the many activities that are done and more to be made. Lawyers work hard to be better and more professionals for the benefit not only of the law of Melilla, but also the service provided to citizens. "


In addition, Imbroda wanted to send a message to all nurses that the new headquarters "is the home of Melilla advocacy and House of Burgesses. Here you will find a dignified and serious to serve them, to help and to serve the citizens in defending their rights profession, "he said.

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L'ICB souhaite vous informer de l'Annonce Officielle du Master en Justice Pénale International crée en collaboration avec l'Université Rovira i Virgili

4Èmes Rencontres Internationales Des Bureaux De La Défense

25 & 26 novembre 2016 Londres



Bureau de la Défense du Tribunal Spécial pour le Liban

Madame, Monsieur, 

Le Bureau de la Défense du Tribunal Spécial pour le Liban vous remercie de votre participation aux Quatrièmes Rencontres Internationales des Bureaux de la Défense, qui se sont tenues à Londres les 25 et 26 novembre 2016. 

Veuillez trouver ci-joint le Rapport de synthèse des Quatrièmes Rencontres en français, anglais et arabe.

Vous trouverez également ci-joint le questionnaire sur les enquêtes de la Défense, que nous vous remercions de remplir dans la langue de votre choix et de nous renvoyer, si vous ne l'avez pas déjà fait. Comme Johann vous l'a indiqué lors des Rencontres, vos réponses seront très utiles en ce qu'elles permettront d'illustrer le Guide des enquêtes d’exemples concrets tirés de votre expérience.

En vous remerciant encore pour votre participation et au plaisir de vous revoir à Nuremberg pour les Cinquièmes Rencontres en 2017.

Bien cordialement