The Council of the International Criminal Bar (ICB) is committed to the respect for diversity, and comprises representatives from a wide range of cultures, races and religions. 

There are  a total of 42 Council Members from all of the continents, and hence each representing their distinctive legal systems. The term of service of each Council Member is 4 years, and all members meet twice a year. 

The Council Members are responsible for electing the ICB's Executive Committee, and to put into practise the decisions adopted by the General Assembly of the ICB, as well as supervising the functioning of the Executive Committee. 

All in all, according to the Statute of the ICB the legal rights of the entity correspond to the Council.

Former Presidents 

  • Elise Grouxl (Canada)
  • Paul Albert Iweins (France)
  • Jeroen Brower (Holland)
  • Eberhard Kempf (Germany)
  • Pascal Vanderveeren (France)
  • Luis del Castillo (Spain)

Representative from Bar Associations


  • Tom Allen (Bar Council of England and Wales)
  • Luis del Castillo (Bar Association of Barcelona)
  • Jean Pierre Jacques (Bar of Liege)
  • Jean Marc Fedida (Bar of Paris)

*1 vacant seat


  • Mohamend Ben El Mahi (Bar of Meknes)

*4 vacant seats 


  • Giles Surman (Hong Kong Bar Association)
  • Raymond Chedid (Lebanese Bar Association)
  • Mitsuru Namba (Japanese Federation of Bar Associations)

*4 vacant seats 


  • Roxanne Helme QC (Canadian Bar Association) 
  • Álvaro Burgos (Costa Rican Bar Association) 

*3 vacant seats


*1 vacant seat

Individual Members 

  • Rosette Bar Haim (Israel)
  • Ken Gallant (United States of America)
  • Elisabeth Rabesandratana (France)
  • Idenyemih Stella Ominyi (Nigeria)
  • Elisabetta Galeazzi (Italy)
  • Samiha Belhak Karim  (Morocco)
  • Mayombo Kassongo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Erika Torregrossa (Colombia)
  • Nguyen Dang Trung (Viet Nam)
  • Abouba Aly Maïga (Mali)
  • Hossan Amin Eldeeb (Egypt)
  • Cheick Diop (Ivory Coast)
  • Yasushi Higashizawa (Japan)
  • Joaquin Pelegrin (Spain)

Representatives from Lawyers' Associations 

  • David Levy (Conseil National de Barreaux)
  • Julie Goffin (Union Internationale des Avocats)
  • William Trudel (Conseil Consultatif du Droit Local)
  • Eberhard Kempf (Deutscher Anwaltverein)
  • Blas Imbroda (Consejo General de la Abogacía Española)
  • Beniamino Migliucci (Unione de la Camera Penali Italiana)

*1 vacant seat

Representatives from Associations 

  • Samuel Guerrero (Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos y Observatorio Criminal)
  • Daniel Rezene Mekonnen (Eritrean Law Society)

*4 vacant seats