Request for Collective or Associate Membership

Can be collective and associate member of the ICB:

Article 5 ICB Constitution :

« Membership:

3. The following may be admitted as collective members :

a. Bars

b. Associations of counsel

4. Any other association concerned with the role of counsel at the Court may be accredited as an associate member.

5. The Executive Committee shall decide on admission as a member or accreditation as an associate member. Conditions of admission

or accreditation as a member or associate member shall be determined by the Council [...] »

Article 1 ICB Constitution :

« Definitions

The following words or acronyms shall bear the following meanings in this Constitution:

Association of counsel—Independent association of legal practitioners or Bars, qualified for collective membership, and recognized as such by the Council.

Bar—An independent body of which counsel authorised to practice in the jurisdiction of the body are members, and recognized as such by the Council. In this Constitution, “Bar” refers also to Law Societies.” »

Article 10 ICB Constitution :

« Elections to the Council:

2. A person may stand for election to the Council from only one of the above colleges. Representatives of Bars and associations

of counsel must be qualified to be individual members. »